Nowadays people are used to cook almost all the fruits in the entire world but when I was a kid I had seen only Pineapple,Raw mango and June plums (Ambaralla) were cooking. And still I am into to that category. It is really hard me to cook other fruits other than these three. 

After so many months I got an opportunity to cook some Ambaralla. Without a rush, slowly slowly cooked it and really happy how it turns out. Look at that thick gravy. I’m really obsessed with this. 

When I was a girl, before we renovate our home we had a huge Ambaralla tree in front of the kitchen. Amma used ambaralla leaves to boil with water and bath us at least twice a week. Because me and Nangi were getting some water bubbles on our skin whenever we played with dust when we were kids. So she used it to clean us. And Thaththa used the stems to beat us whenever we two fights with each other. We two mostly got punished for it. Because he hate when we two fight like tigers. Firstly he asked us to kneel down under the ambaralla tree, then he gives us two stems and says “ok..! You two need to fight, right..? Here beat each other with this as much as you want and whenever you two stopped I’m gonna start..” damn…! You have no idea how hardly my sister beat me 😩 see…. not only fruits were useful to our family but the whole tree. 

Before I was cutting ambaralla into 2-4. But one day my husband was asking me to crush it instead of cutting because it gives more flavour. He was right.. this curry is the best ambaralla curry I’ve ever made. Really worth to share the recipe on my blog. 

I got 5 medium size Ambaralla. Wash, take off the skin and crush them using a hard object. I put all the fruits in a plastic bag and used my stone pestle to crushed them. 

Try to halve each one by crushing. Or you can simply cut one into two or four. But prefer to crush them because it gives more flavour to the fruit and the curry. 

Season the Ambaralla with salt, 1/2tbs chilli powder, 1/4tsp turmeric powder. Rub well and leave it about 10-15 minutes to marinade. 

Heat a pot, I used my clay pot because I love to use it whenever I’m cooking curries. And the best pot for slow cooking curries. 

Add 2-3tbs oil. Once it started to heat add 1/2tsp mustard seeds, finely sliced 1/2 small onion and fry until mustard seeds are splattered and onions are softened. 

Then add 2 split green chilies, piece of cinnamon stick, few curry leaves, piece of pandan leaf, sliced 2 dried red chilies. Fry few minutes until fragrant. 

Then add 3/4tbs chill powder and mix with fragrant aromas about 30-40 seconds in low heat. At this point the colour of the chilli powder will become bit dark, that’s what we all need too. 

Now add the seasoned ambaralla and mix with spiced and aromas few more minutes in low heat. 

Add 120ml water to the pot and give it a good stir. This water amount may be less or more, depend on the size of your Ambaralla. If you think you need to add more please be free to add more too. 

Cover with a lid and cook in the low heat until ambaralla looks bit mushy and water is almost simmered. If the ambaralla is still bit hard feel free to add more water to cook them. 

I cooked mine about 15 minutes and then added 120ml thick coconut milk. Stir well. Bring it to boil and let it simmer in low heat until gravy looks thick. 

At this point add 1tbs sugar and cook few more minutes. If your ambaralla is too sour add bit more sugar to get the right taste.

At last add 1/2tbs of black curry powder and mix well. fire off. We are done Black curry powder (if you are looking for home blend black curry powder recipe)


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  1. Looks so so good. Mouthwatering


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